It's a new day and a new year, but I'd like to look back on 2010, not with nostalgia, but with hope that each year will present milestones that mark our progress.

We presented our new class on Facial Identification for the first time in Simi Valley, California, to raging success, both in participants and the immediate need for their work.

In March we signed the contract for our new watercolor portrait book with North Light, and in November we signed to do several videos for them.


We finished our own set of children's DVD's, to which we owe the Peretti's (Frank and Barb) a huge thank you.

My novel, The Quasimodo Effect, was finished (I know, passive language...) and went to my agent, Kelly Mortimer, to sell. I continue to work on the next in the series.

The dogs brought both lows and highs, with the loss of my sweet "Munchie," Great Pyrenees, and becomming the President of the Great Pyrenees Club of America.

We met many new friends on our travels, and re-connected with the ones we made in the past.

Rick and I look forward to a blessed, warm, and caring 2011, with many outlets for our creative works, and many chances to enjoy the friends and family in our lives.

Best wishes,