Happy New Year! We are busy putting the final rosters together for our first two classes of the year. If you are looking at Chandler, Arizona, or Port Hueneme, California, please contact us immediately! We need to decide if we need to cancel some classes and the number of instructors for each location. It's so very helpful for us to know if you CAN'T come so we won't take the time to call you. The first training coming up is in warm and sunny Chandler, Arizona, the week of January 27-31, 2014. The unique portrait class: Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces will be also be offered along with the forensic training. The next opportunity for you will be the week of February 24-28th, 2014, at the beach in Port Hueneme, California. Port Hueneme boasts of warm days, beautiful beaches, 72 degrees year around, and the hotel and classroom are walking distance from each other and the ocean! We will also be offering our series of forensic art classes that week. We need to hear from our California POST students as soon as possible if you are considering this location. Port Hueneme will be our first courtroom sketching class in the state of California. This intensive, hands-on training has never been offered outside of Idaho and we have had so many of you request the opportunity to take it in California. We'll be in court for most of the week learning how to create sketches for television and the news. Don't wait as this is a VERY limited enrollment class. Blessing for the New Year! Rick and Carrie